SO HAPPY that Learning Curve is moving again. (Brain, what was up with that?? No good!)

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I need to get away from here and wander the world. It's frustrating.

— Doren Ustuthsazir, Wrestler

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i just love these guys the most of all the photosynthetic animals bcuz theyre like... something you'd see in a sci fi movie or something on an alien planet. essentially half-plant.

like other photosynthetic animals just kinda, have a bit of photosynthesis but these guys actually specialize in it and grow their own little leafs

plus theyre fucking adorable

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Happy Equinox, mes chéries. I wish you all life, growth, and abundance in the coming year. 🌍

normative life stage theories & developmental timelines presume cisness & straightness (in addition to class privilege, access to which is racially stratified, & ability); the idea that you will have already dated in high school, that you will find a spouse by roughly 26, and that you will spend your thirties raising school-age children is deeply straight.

gay and trans people have experiences of age as a social comparison that are completely unintelligible within heterosexual concepts of time.

"Moff, the god of Salt, Reason, and Punishment"
Sounds like a god out of Dwarf Fortress.

chained to the wheel of suffering and reincarnation for meme crimes

"wait why did my traffic spike 2000% the other week"

"ah yes... dragon porn"

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