Trying to crawl out of this pre-depressive state I've been in to focus on #writing this last section of Chapter 4 ... if I can get it done I'll hit 200 consecutive pages and then I can stop for a while and do some outlining for the next few chapters of the book and maybe finally read all I've written so far.

The last section really wrecked me and now I am having trouble moving forward. I haven't been able to even write a good sentence to start ...

I'm determined to do so today ...



I believe in you! It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to get done!

I tend to start with narrative summary when I feel blocked - tell the page what I want to happen, and how, in as much detail as I can, like I'm telling a friend. And then I do dialogue, because that's easier for me than description. And then I have to do the hard parts, but I already have the framework done so it doesn't seem so bad, and I can reword my narrative summary for a lot of it.

@phyrry I've got the basics of the section in my mind and I know how it begins ... when I get stuck like this it's really I just cant get that first sentence to start. I usually start with a defining sentence ... one that sets the tone - that's just my style - and go from there. Until I have that sentence I can't really get going.

I almost have it. Like the thing I want to describe is right there at the front of my mind ... I just cant get the images to translate into words just yet ...

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