If you’re looking for some new , you may want to check out what DndDice.com has to offer.

They have some really cool looking dice that range in materials and styles to include normal plastic and also metal dice. You can buy the dice in sets, individually, or in a custom β€œbuild your own set” option.

If you don’t need your traditional dice, DndDice.com also have dice bags available, cheaters dice, 24-sided dice, 30-sided dice, and even 60-sided dice for when you feel really crazy.

Huh, just realized why I keep getting awkward advertising from various mailing lists. So!

Happy quiet weekend to all the other people whose masculine-leaning relatives are dead or absent. I see you.

I love Posting Brain, it's one of the few times I have enough dopamine actively working in my brain to just ... answer the damned comments. πŸ˜‚ 😭


Awww, thank you!

One chapter to go! Guess it's time to rename it from "STILL NOT MY PROBLEM", as that is no longer the case. πŸ˜‚







Chapter 3 of Learning Curve is up. Please note the 'Spoilers through Episode 40' tag.



I love the framing of replacing 'real' writing with YOUR writing. Jackass academics have a lot of ego they like to throw around, but only you can write *your* story.


I also find over-description tedious, so I probably remember the advice that validates my own opinion. πŸ˜…

Classic English literature spent a lot more time on description than modern lit, and some people do prefer that style.


It may be difficult to get them to work together, but they're also incredibly useful skills to have. A lot of writing books I've read have recommended studying scriptwriting because it cuts out all the fat of a story and focuses on the essentials.

And yeah, same at the trying to get better. I keep telling myself, the practice is its own reward, so keep practicing.


πŸ’― this. I'll toss a few words of description into action or dialogue beats if it's actually necessary to understand the scene.

Supposedly one of the classic 'amateur writer' problems is over-description instead of letting the reader work things out for themselves.


I tell myself 'description is the difference between a novel and a script' when I run into this problem, but yeah. If it's not relevant to helping the reader understand the character better, I leave it out.


I was going to say, "I appreciate and remember important details that help me understand the character better, but I don't need to know about the pattern on their shirt."

And then I thought of a few characters where knowing the pattern on their shirt *would* help me understand the character better.

So I guess my answer is, "I remember detail as long as it's important to character development."


I have really appreciated the ability to block entire instances in a single action. It makes curating my feed so much faster.


I have two copies of this and never could find anyone to play it with, but now it's reality so. 🀷

(Can I get a character sheet reroll? 😭)

words are made of letters and suffering 


One thing I do miss about having fishtanks was the weekly fish poop water from cleaning them. Never have had roses so pretty since.

... still not enough motivation to put rotting fish glop on the ones I have now, though.

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