Adventures in sourdough β€’ food 


They're fantastic! You can make little foil rings for them.

As with pancakes, it's a very forgiving recipe that's basically: as much starter as you need to get rid of, a bit of baking soda, a bit of sugar, and a dash of salt if you feel like it. (They're fine without salt, and the sugar mostly makes them brown correctly.)

Adventures in sourdough β€’ food 


Yeah, I don't get that either - why would you throw it away? The point is to eat it! King Arthur Flour has lots of great recipes for sourdough discard. I usually make pancakes, although for a while I was making crumpets instead and they were delicious, although difficult to dose for.

The best loaf of bread I ever made was sourdough starter plus enough flour to turn it into the proper texture for bread dough. Takes forever to rise, totally worth it.

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Brains: Why Are They Like This (And When Can They Stop)

This will never stop being relevant to television, but hey, we'll always have fanfiction.

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