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Anyone know of a Mastodon Android app that's optimized for tablet, like, preferably displays more than one column in landscape? I've been trying to use the webapp and it's not... going great lmao.

Just had to βœ‚οΈ eight hundred words from today. I went out into the woods looking for the wellspring of happiness, or maybe the northern humor larch, and instead I found the salt lick of tears.

Nope, nope, nope.

Many of us nonbinary people aren't in a position to pick and choose who we live with.

Sometimes the people we depend on (or who depend on us) deny and insult our nonbinary nature. This will wear on your self esteem and happiness.

Your existence may be intertwined with people who hurt you, but their influence need not be any stronger on you than your influence is on them.

You are the exception to their world view, and that power should not be taken lightly.

#nonbinarypositivity #nonbinary #nonbinarypride #exorsexism

I'm not sure how much of my πŸ‘€ feeling towards this laptop is the low build quality of the machine itself, and how much is just me being out of practice with Linux. (Also I have a lot of keyboard shortcuts to relearn.)

But hey, got Dwarf Fortress + DFhack working.

Sometimes I wonder what people who subscribe to one-shots are thinking.
πŸ€” πŸ’­

Ah, LinkedIn. A great place for stories about guys named Brad who made a zillion dollars by living in their car for five years and working like 32 hours a day or some nonsense like that.

If your fanfiction isn't ridiculously self-indulgent then what is even the point of having written it?

writing problems (+) 

LB: Tell me that isn't a Weilan song.

... you can't.

Dying @ this anecdote from Andrew Thaler on birbsite:

β€œSix years ago today, I walked into the techiest tech-bro bar in San Fransisco, positioned myself obnoxiously into a group of Dudes Wearing Google Glass, and loudly said "Ok Google, Call Mom."

It was magical.

How were you radicalized against pervasive technology?”

PSA your posts here are searchable on Google and other search engines unless you opt out of search-engine indexing under preferences in your profile.

writing problems (humor + horror) 

Life's difficult but fanfic really does make it better!

Hah, going from 14.04.4 LTS to 18.04.2 LTS. At least three years since anyone touched this poor little netbook.

Ran into an ex-coworker from a job ten years ago at Lowes. She was very kind to say I look exactly the same. πŸ˜‚

Her: "So, get married, have kids?"
Me: "Left the boyfriend, got a bunch of plants, MUCH happier."

Whew, that's over. Time to sit down wirh a cool glass of water and install Xubuntu on an old HP 3125.

(And then this evening, I get to repot my new rabbit's foot fern! I'm so happy, I had one of these back in the day and I loved it. The Boston fern has five new frondlets going, too!)

Team #DS9 for Life:

tng: welcome aboard the starship enterprise, a luxury cruise ship drifting among the stars. our crew contains notable elements of Diversity and our captain gets pegged by an omniscient being from another dimension. enjoy the soft jazz concerts, shakespeare performances, and infinitely powerful holodecks at your leisure

ds9: hop aboard Station On Fire Trash Can bitch. does our shit work? no. is this a safe place to live? fuck no. senior officers include Space Dad, Lesbian Terrorist, Trans Worm, Goo, Dr. Twink, and Perpetually Confused White Guy. if you want to get dragged into an elaborate crime syndicate, contract a deadly space disease, or get stabbed in a barfight, you’ve come to the right place. also, holosuites are for fucking. yeehaw

One last busy day and then I can rest. ❀️

You either get cancelled in your second season, or air long enough to alienate all your fans.

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