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Local cat won't stop stepping on keybhujh

I'm soliciting donations to RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society). One dollar nets you 100 words of . Donations of more than a dollar are combinable into one story, but don't have to be, it's up to you. Just send me a screenshot of your donation along with your prompt(s).

Tumblr post:



Hi everyone who remembered they have a Mastodon account now that Twitter is down.

is finally patching in petting animals. Including undead animals??? Best game ever

So far we need:

* Ace Smut Writer Support Group
* Drawerfic Writer Coffee Klatsch

fun fact about browser location reporting 


I can't believe I need to say this, but disability is one of the biggest contributors to poverty in this country.


Wrote 1k of drawerfic never to see the light of day, and I feel a little better.

Maybe I'm just fated to be a dragon hiding in a cave, perched on a pile of iddy fic that never gets posted anywhere.

I can live with that.


I don't wish I was dead, I just wish I could snap my fingers and float in a dark, numb, input-less void for like a week while I recharge enough energy for like two hours of living


... has anyone done a Finn/Rose/Rey/Poe sedoretu yet?

I should check in the morning.

One good thing about the evening is that I finally deleted my :twitter: account. Yay!

In conclusion, the obvious solution to all these horrible feelings I'm having is to go funnel them into writing fiction. Again.

(I never thought finishing something would hurt so much. Stupid neurochemistry.)

(This ties in with a lot of internet meta @alis has been posting lately, which is probably why it finally all jelled together.)

And I think I would be much happier about sharing my writing if there were no metrics on that, either.

One great joy of drawerfic, and throwing words at people on Discord / email, etc: No numbers, ever. Just people enjoying what I write. And that's what I'm here for. AO3 comments? Super stressful. Chatting with friends, new or old? The best encouragement there is.

Just realized that one of the things about Discord that I adore, that makes it a comfortable place to be in a way that most other social media isn't, is that there are no follower / friend / whatever metrics.

It doesn't matter how many followers someone has in a chat room. If you're both there at the same time, and you say something interesting, they'll talk to you.

Okay, the worst part of being active in fandom is definitely the panic attacks.

Drawerfic has a lot going for it, just sayin'.

Useful tip for Fediverse instance admins, gab 

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