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Hello! I'm new to this instance. Looking for people who are into femslash and yuri. Especially anime. Especially magical girls. Especially Pretty Cure. Especially Futari wa Pretty Cure.

It's specific, but alas, I am In Hell.

I write a lot too!

Uploaded another fic! Persevering despite the ongoing sinus issues...

Struggling a bit to get back into writing after the nonsense that went down last week, it just feels a little less fun now, although I'm trying to tell myself that it's just a temporary feeling of weirdness.

Finished a new fic, just a short one to try to recharge my writing energy. But I'm glad every time I finish one, regardless!

I love the idea of a "fandom that consists of like four people in a discord chat" and that's what I'm aiming for but the urge to endlessly scroll something is strong... Still working on how to overcome that. Any ideas are welcome.

Anyway! It's best to just move on. I might do a rebrand eventually.

sometimes I'm getting hit with a wave of sadness over this, but overall I think I'm doing okay because I know everything they said was either wrong or taken out of context.

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bleh, some really bad stuff happened the other day, some things I'd said on another website were taken out of context and a bunch of people decided they hate me. This happened to me about five years ago on tumblr as well. I guess I just have a hate-able personality?

I just wish it would blow over, they can hate me if they want, idk why people have to turn it into ongoing drama though

Do you ever think about your OTP and just :blobcatmeltcry:

Hey all! Not going to lie, I haven't been writing as much fic lately because I got sucked into WoW Classic. But I'm trying to work on something in the background, very slowly, lol

can't believe how many ideas this is giving me, and RIGHT BEFORE BED TOO...

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messing around with OTP prompt generators online and dying (in a good way) at every prompt

Hey, hope everyone's having a good weekend! I haven't done any writing or anything so far - went to the fair yesterday with my girlfriend though, which was a lot of fun. :blobcatheart:

I'm not 100% sure if this is a thing people actually do? But I kind of want to do it

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Hmm. Has anyone ever taken an old fic of theirs and like rewritten it? Due to feeling better at writing the characters, or just writing in general. Because I'm tempted to do that to a few of mine.

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do you ever think about the raw power held by user Nonnie who maintains the Anonymous collection on ao3

Hmm. I want to write this weekend but I'm not sure what, lol. (I mean. my OTP, of course, but them doing what? Not sure yet.)

Well now that I finished a fic yesterday... I feel okay taking today off from writing, lol. Anyway, one of my friends is drawing me fanart of my latest fic and they showed me a sketch :blobcatheart:

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