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I’m a bit quiet these days. That’s mostly due to the fact that I’m currently moving house. And now I have to get my day job going as well as my sorting and organising my things.

I hope I will be back, up and running soon.


Adventurer: Achievement unlocked
Scholar: Mystery unlocked
Thief: Door unlocked

Remember: if you paint, draw, sculpt, write or partake in any other creative mediums you are an artist; even if it’s not for money.

Don’t let people tell you being an artist is about selling stuff.

Replaying the timeleapse frame by frame in order to figure out what happened here.

Hot take: Fantasy (and Scifi) stories are too often Action Movie Plots (win or die, save the world).

More Fantasy romcoms, mystery-solving, roadtrips, court dramas, political dramas, etc

Lost in Space is doing a really, really awesome job with the cliffhangers…

"How did you find us? Radio?"
"Radio dissipates," the alien ambassador said, "telepathy doesn't."
"You heard our thoughts?"
"When enough of you focus on the same words, with passion, we sense it."
"So a prayer or anthem?"
"We don't know. It begins with: 'Is this the real life?'."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

When you're drawing with pencils for the first time after so many years and want to erase the last line with a two-finger double tap...

Whenever people say "DM me" I want to reply "Ok, so you're sitting in a tavern..."

Hrm; The next season of Lost in Space comes out in December. If I hurry I manage to watch it before I move house and probably end up without a landline internet for two months.

Running around in the house with a tripod, chasing after a spider for a closeup.

concept: superhero team whose codenames are all parts of the human body and the team is called the ORGANisation.

Bash Script follows:

#! /bin/bash

# Returns "the" current stardate.

CUR_TIME=$(date +%s)

SD_BASE=$(echo ${CUR_TIME} | cut -c 4-8)
SD_SCALE=$(echo "scale=3; $(date +%j --date=@${CUR_TIME})/365" | bc)

echo ${SD_BASE}${SD_SCALE}

exit 0

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Here we go:

I made this totally not canon stardate generator which takes the middle part of the current unix timestamp and adds a three digit number after the floating point which represents the fraction of the current day in regards to the current year. Also every onehundred seconds the number left of the floating point increases by one; so you can generate multiple stardates on the same day.

This will do for now.

And it runs without a browser! 😎

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Looking into the JavaScript of to create a calculator shell script.

Why does everything have to run in a webbrowser?
This is literally 6 lines of code that make the calculations 😒

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