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@alpine_thistle @moonbolt One apron coming right up.

Since it was your idea I’d like to donate all proceedings to animal welfare. Can you recommend a honest, serious and reasonable organization?

I have absolutely zero problem with people remixing content, but please: if the original creator took time to "sign" their work (like by putting a domain or URL in a comic frame), find a way to propagate that information

It's easy to forget when making a quick edit or the like. I forget too. But just like image captions, it's polite and a good habit that costs little and can be a big help to others. I'm working to be better at it: join me!

honestly the most frustrating thing about being well hydrated is the CONSTANT need to pee, I just want to get stuff done

Sometimes I just feel like “meh.”

So I added another “meh.” to the otherwise quite huge pool of mehs. I did want to go into a different direction compared to what was already available. Hence the addition.

I think I need a little time in order to recover and create something silly again. Silly is the new sexy…

🤩 What an exceptional good timing. I just finished season 10 yesterday; and today season 11 arrived.
❌ 🗃️

Funny; the overall mytharc and the conspiracy theme really fits very well into 2020+

Seems they were way ahead of their time… 🤷

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So support of was so friendly and removed three of five of the stickers I have, had, on my rb store.
Curious why only three and not all since they are the same design only with different colours. Or perhaps Keith, Shiro and Lance have special privileges?

I try to ask if they would like to consider keeping them if I add a "© by Dreamworks" to the design. If not, I most likely will remove all five stickers.

I am only four years behind. Time to catch up. (on the weekend)

The truth is still out there.

After waiting for a couple of years for the -Files seasons 10+ being released on Netflix, I just realized I obviously can buy them on disk instead. 🤦 Which I just did. So finally I can participate in the banter.

I think tonight I’m going to watch a movie from 1998.

*Swirls drink*: Yes; 1998 was a good vintage.

Subjective announcement 

I forgot how bad the “Ender’s Game” movie is. Sorry, Orson.

The books are fine, though.

Sorry for being so quiet these past days.

I’ve been mostly working late and reading the rest of the spare time. I did fire up Blender yesterday for about two hours. But I didn’t get far.
I hope I can get into some more creative work any time soon. A couple of free days are approaching.

Was driving the automobile yesterday. It was very foggy outside. But the fog was not coming down to the road at groundlevel. It started to get really thick at about 15 metres above ground. So I was driving minding my own business, when some sort of chimney emerged on a hill next to the road. Turned out to be a massive wind turbine with one blade appearing to be floating in mid air.

Today I worked longer and oh boy, I feel knackered. So just a very quick pair of doodles which I did with – pardon me – a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.
I didn’t expect to post anything.

Does this proportion exercise count as a valid entry?

These are just a few I did today and recently. Goku voice: I need more practice!!!

It was weird switching the head count canon. But interesting exploring the differences.

I am still going to read a bit. Time for sleep is later. Or never…

I am a master procrastinator.

It is December; I should draw a bit.
Instead I get invested in another book by Orson Scott Card which I haven’t read yet.
It seems like I use every possibility to avoid drawing. And I can’t even play the inspiration card. Because I know even if I have no clue what I would want to draw, as soon as I start something will come up.

Just a small 5-minute
It is still right? Not sure how much opportunity I am going to have when the weekend comes.

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