Was driving the automobile yesterday. It was very foggy outside. But the fog was not coming down to the road at groundlevel. It started to get really thick at about 15 metres above ground. So I was driving minding my own business, when some sort of chimney emerged on a hill next to the road. Turned out to be a massive wind turbine with one blade appearing to be floating in mid air.

@quinnhempstead What a neat idea for a drawing! The fog effect looks great.

@Cassiopeia12727 Thank you very much 😻
I’m so happy you like it.
I would have liked to also have taken a picture, though. But since I was driving on a motorway I wasn’t able to just suddenly stop 🚗


fun sketch!

also, the fog suddenly makes me want to play Turok or San Francisco Rush on the Nintendo 64.

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