I am only four years behind. Time to catch up. (on the weekend)

The truth is still out there.

🤩 What an exceptional good timing. I just finished season 10 yesterday; and today season 11 arrived.
❌ 🗃️

Funny; the overall mytharc and the conspiracy theme really fits very well into 2020+

Seems they were way ahead of their time… 🤷

@quinnhempstead not sure you can just watch 4 years worth of the x-files over the weekend but okay

Good point. The season 11 DVD still hasn’t arrived yet.
So I guess it will only be a start of catching up on the weekend.

@quinnhempstead I personally enjoyed season 11 more, but the monster of the week episodes were definitely better than the mytharc in both. My S11 favorite was The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat, but I also enjoyed Rm9sbG93ZXJz.

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