This one time, went like :3 when he saw his dad use Kurama’s chakra as a coat.

Some things I will probably not post on Redbubble. I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.
Do you want to incorporate them into your own works? Please be my guest. I am happy to provide you with high resolution files, if you desire.

Aaaaaaaannnndddd there goes the "I am Groot"-sticker.

Good thing, too. It was quite ugly, in my opinion. But I wasn’t going to tell anyone.

But strangely enough; nowadays apparently one isn’t even allowed to just say the name of a character of a Disney movie.

I think I give up. I get more "your artwork kills the film industry"-emails than regular spam.

This was the revised version I had on my shop for a few hours.

I thought the dmca was against copyright infringements and not bad design?

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Good morning support of
Now this is interesting;
I revised the "Hello, I’m Batman"-sticker and uploaded it on this shady platform. Within 24 hours it has been removed.

I don’t know, is it just me or do you also think this is just silly?
That is not even close to anything I was able to find on how a Batman logotype would look like…

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Hello I’m… currently making new stickers.

I’m offering custom made “Hello I’m…” stickers. If you have special requests regarding colour, font and text let me know. I try my best to craft them according to your wishes.

The ones I already have will be available on my shop in the next few days (check my profile for directions). I guess I shall upload them on Sunday.

There will also be one or more blank ones where you can just fill in any text you like.

Task one and two are done. 😤

The first version is the low quality jpg directly and unprocessed from the camera. Followed by two downscaled versions of the final processed image. I played a bit with tone curves and got to a point that resembled the scene just before the harvest.

A higher resolution can be obtained from my photo graveyard at

If you would like to have full resolution png or raw files, please let me know.

I am only four years behind. Time to catch up. (on the weekend)

The truth is still out there.

Was driving the automobile yesterday. It was very foggy outside. But the fog was not coming down to the road at groundlevel. It started to get really thick at about 15 metres above ground. So I was driving minding my own business, when some sort of chimney emerged on a hill next to the road. Turned out to be a massive wind turbine with one blade appearing to be floating in mid air.

Today I worked longer and oh boy, I feel knackered. So just a very quick pair of doodles which I did with – pardon me – a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil.
I didn’t expect to post anything.

Does this proportion exercise count as a valid entry?

These are just a few I did today and recently. Goku voice: I need more practice!!!

It was weird switching the head count canon. But interesting exploring the differences.

I am still going to read a bit. Time for sleep is later. Or never…

Just a small 5-minute
It is still right? Not sure how much opportunity I am going to have when the weekend comes.


This 50mm Zuiko lense is really something.

Full resolution is available on my photo graveyard

The former will be available on my shop soon.

Would you like me to add a particular photo to the shop? Just let me know.

📷 I finally got around to upload new photos. “Yay!” for more during free time.
More pictures and higher resolution available at my photo-graveyard:

Inktober doodles 


more air vents for

I seriously need to work on poses and basic anatomy. But well. baby steps to keep the engine running.

It is actually really amazing that with a few strokes of grey pencil some more or less real life objects form on paper. It is not about drawing shapes. They appear by putting lighter and darker areas together.

I made few coffins and ghosts out of old cereal boxes. Glued some plain paper on it and coloured it because I was out of coloured cardboard.

Decorating is so much fun.

As long as one doesn’t need to use tiny scissors in order to cut out tiny eyes or mouths....
Glad I didn’t decide to make skeletons.

I have the feeling this is going to be a very dark Halloween this year.

Inktober doodles 

A small shading practice. very smol. Getting into the flow when comes to an end.

After this I won’t be drawing for a whole year.... (just joking).
I’m so glad I got the chance to do a few drawings apart from the regular work. I hope I can continue like this.

Inktober doodles 

is almost over. I’m glad I managed to get a small perspective piece on the road.
This is a 3 point perspective. But hardly noticeable. There is potential for a bit of practice. I am however rather satisfied with it.
Thank you for all your encouraging words. They really lifted my mood quite a bit. :snitch:

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