stranger things 

Feel free to post about it. I’m actually curious, too. Just more frustrated to actually watch it.

😺 😺 😺
Absolutely gorgeous. They are breath taking. Your boxes are indeed, hot stuff! 🌶️

stranger things 

@cc7722 Stranger Things turned out to be quite strange, indeed.

Season 1 was like 😺
Season 2 continued like 🤔 🤨
While Season 3 ended up like 😬 😩

I am very reluctant about watching the 4th Season. So strange that a show with so much potential spiraled down into awkwardness quicker than one could say “Goodbye Hawkins”.

@Curator for those saving images or video into lossy formats (think JPG, or video encoding) and wondering about the quality loss:

You can visualize the difference between an original image and its encoded version by
- opening them as layers in Gimp or Photoshop
- inverting the upper layer (that's "Linear Invert" in Gimp)
- making the upper layer 50% transparent

If the two layers are 100%, pixel-per-pixel identical, you'd get a solid 50% grey. If there are small differences (like it happens with compression artefacts), you're going to see them as darker or lighter pixels/areas (see pic here).

This makes it easier to visualize/quantify the quality of the encoding/compression process one is using.

Too bad, only healthy horses (no skeletons) can be registered at stables. Wildlife can be tamed and ridden. But it usually just runs away after unmounting.
Befriending a dog actually has only one ingame mechanic: the dog shows you the way to a treasure chest that would otherwise be hidden.
Friend with benefits?

@Satsuma @tozka Soothing and feeding your horse is a totally common thing in
Too bad this wasn’t implemented for dogs or other domesticated animals.

Even bears and other huge wild animals and spirits can be tamed. Why not pet the dogs?

Some things are just a mystery.😭

He looks flattened by the massive weight of all those heavy blankets. 😹
A cozy prison, unable to escape from. Ever.

🧵Ohhhh, sooooo beautiful, so very very beautiful. They should have sent a poet!!

I’ll bounce this right towards my mother, she likes to crochet, occasionally and I trust she will find this useful. Thank you so much for sharing those. They are awesome. 😃

Somebody once told me, writing code for UIs is quite hard. And at some point decisions would have to be made to keep the ui and the menus as uncluttered as possible. Some functions wander into the backstorage area.

I recommend the be relieved and grateful that they are still there. Sometimes a very useful function is removed or replaced by crap. Just because “nobody uses this” or “some developer decided this is no longer useful”.

If the skeletons give you a hard time try to travel only at day by resting til morning at a campfire when the night comes. With a flint and a bundle of wood you can create an instant campfire.
Also the Yiga clan members are disguised as civillian travellers all over Hyrule. They are sadly rather persistent.

wife surgery +++! 

Delivery for Mrs Sarah Thistle. Would yo accept a parcel?
Judging by the noise it is a cheer leading squad with marching band…

@alpine_thistle Answering all those questions with “yes” could lead to some rather hilarious confusion among the hospital staff. 🤔

@tozka Ohhh; that reminds me of the first time I played
I remember hearing Zelda’s voice, going like “Hurry link, you have to defeat Gannon”. Then shortly after suddenly the sky turned red and everything burned. I thought I lost the game because I was too slow to save Hyrule…

Turned out it’s just the monsters doing a respawn.

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