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Looking through my HZD screenshots and I've just realised that half of them were me unconsciously trying to recreate this Freidrich painting.

This is about the chocobo racing but could also be talking about the one where you have to get the five chests at remiem temple which I will probably be able to get with more practice. FFX has the worst minigames.

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I think I may have to give up my attempt to get the plat on FFX because I just cannot deal with that chocobo mini game. It is terrible and I'm really bad at it. :(

anyway what up mastodon I have not been here in a while.

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I think, much like how working in a call centre for years gave me anxiety about making phone calls, this job is giving me anxiety about sending emails. I have fretted for over 24 hours about this one email.

St Patrick's Day is the worst 😒

I'm glad I didn't know there as a Direct yesterday because I'd have spent the whole time waiting for an Animal Crossing update that didn't come. Instead I'm just happy about the Link's Awakening remake. I love that game!

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A comparison of two different TV shows about the Borgias, and a wider look at historical fiction and how we relate to it. (Tw: everything just to be safe, people were horrible.)

DERRY GIRLS FINALLY okay no date but a trailer at least

Code Geass movie leaks 

I finished posting my Dragon Age AU fic and I am so proud of myself for actually completing it. And it got so many nice comments. 😭

Trying to edit this sex scene and I'm smothering with a head cold and the word 'thigh' just looks wrong and oh god I think I've used it like six times in one paragraph, goodNIGHT

While I doubt we're actually going to get new a Jade Empire, I'd be entirely okay with Dragon Age 4 being pushed back if it meant getting more JE.

Gods SAKE just give us Derry Girls season 2 already

Sometimes I just think about how Scotland's national animal is a unicorn.

"I book"?

I broke.* Obviously it's time for me to sleep

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So distracted by the making of DW icons, I book my 12 day Duolingo streak. 😢

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Making dream width icons. 100px is too tiny. Too tiny!

My default icon on Dreamwidth is still my Christmas one, I should... probably change that. And make new ones.


I very much wanted to publish this next chapter tonight and now it is 1.30 am and tomorrow is going to be a struggle. 😬

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