Srievener has twice deleted all the text in this chapter despite everything being saved and shut down correctly. I've managed to save it because of all these conflict files, which is good, but I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. (Also the anxiety of thinking I'd lost a full chapter is not something I need)

@rydia 😱 oh no! by any chance have you been using more than one computer or ios scrivener? i have that happen sometimes if i'm not super careful with letting it sync.
(also, do you have it set up to backup to zip files as well?)

No I've only been using my Mac recently! I do back up to zip though, and have it synced with Dropbox so maybe that's doing something weird.

@rydia aha! i'm betting it's dropbox 😑 my projects live directly on dropbox (so i can sync with ios) and sometimes it can be a bit slow to sync. if you keep having issues though send a message to scriv's support, they're generally very helpful with this kind of thing.

Yeah I'll have to look into it, it's probably something to do with that, thank you! Also nice to hear their support is good, I've never had to use it before.

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