Why do so many people act like a person who's fannish about video games (that aren't sports games I guess?) cant possibly also be fannish about sports. Neither are rare and unusual hobbies, the crossover must be fairly large.


Brought to you by a stupid 'Lol u like sportsball wtf' comment I got from a friend of a friend

I got no notification for this and I didn't see it till now I'm sorry! Rugby is my sport I'm a season ticket holder for Leinster. 😅

Oh rugby, huh? That's hardcore! It kinda reminds me of my beloved American football except no pads or helmets and much more scrummage, lol.

I had a very brief rugby playing career in uni before I got injured badly... during practise. It is tough! So now I just watch. I know absolutely nothing about American football except what I've seen in films (huddles! Blue 42!) So that's probably basically nothing at all. 😅 it has become more popular here though! I have friends who travel to the NFL games in London

@rydia lol, "blue 42" is from Ace Ventura! It's terrible how horribly transphobic that movie is, though. The London games are almost always bad by the way. If you're interested in following a proper NFL team, I recommend either the Los Angeles Rams or the Kansas City Chiefs, they're the hot teams right now and they have amazingly fast offenses.

Oh wow you know I didn't even realise that's what I was referencing with that. I don't think I've seen it since the 90s and... yeah, it's bad. And thanks! I'll have to keep an eye out, find time between my rugby and Gaelic sports watching. If you ever fancy watching rugby the Six Nations is starting next Friday. I may be biased but it is just the best. It is my Christmas. My Sixmas.

@rydia it's fun finding another person to chat sportsball with, lol

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