St Patrick's Day is the worst 😒

@hit_the_books Do you think you'll give the master a try? I really love that game, I used to play it about once a year for a long time. (I just checked and it came out in '93, oh my god I feel old. I had it on both the Game Boy and the Colour)

My brother used to actually buy magazines with walkthroughs back then. It was a different time. 😂

I'm glad I didn't know there as a Direct yesterday because I'd have spent the whole time waiting for an Animal Crossing update that didn't come. Instead I'm just happy about the Link's Awakening remake. I love that game!

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A comparison of two different TV shows about the Borgias, and a wider look at historical fiction and how we relate to it. (Tw: everything just to be safe, people were horrible.)

DERRY GIRLS FINALLY okay no date but a trailer at least

@lightning @kaworu me, telling myself I'm going to be extremely productive and not get distracted at work: OH NO I'm doing this right now

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I finished posting my Dragon Age AU fic and I am so proud of myself for actually completing it. And it got so many nice comments. 😭

Trying to edit this sex scene and I'm smothering with a head cold and the word 'thigh' just looks wrong and oh god I think I've used it like six times in one paragraph, goodNIGHT

While I doubt we're actually going to get new a Jade Empire, I'd be entirely okay with Dragon Age 4 being pushed back if it meant getting more JE.

Gods SAKE just give us Derry Girls season 2 already

@lightning isn't it just so wonderful? If I could draw I'd draw a glorious bearded Scot riding his unicorn, wearing only a kilt and galloping across a rainbow

Sometimes I just think about how Scotland's national animal is a unicorn.

@alis @doctorsidrat Yeah I have to work at 200% ever since I got a retina MBP a few years ago. (Also they never save as sharp as I want which I think is also a retina thing? I Just Don't Know)

@incognitoburrito ohhh no that is rough. :(

And yeah, the thing is to not let it stop me from continuing. 💪🏻

"I book"?

I broke.* Obviously it's time for me to sleep

So distracted by the making of DW icons, I book my 12 day Duolingo streak. 😢

Making dream width icons. 100px is too tiny. Too tiny!

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