You've probably already considered it, but I've been there over a year with no problems.

Oops yes I was thinking of a strike. 😂 but I'm the kind of bowling person who really needs the bumpers when they play, so.

Oh no! Even just reading that made me feel a bit sick. I'm glad you were able to recover it but wow seriously what an absolute nightmare.

I will definitely be checking out this alternative.

That seems to be the attitude! It makes no sense to me.

AND WAIT is it not called a strikeout? Bowling is not something I know much about. 😂

Thank you for linking this! I use Scrivener but I'm always interested in trying open source options so will be downloading. Also the point you make about having files accessible outside of the program isn't something I'd actually considered before. Def food for thought.

Brought to you by a stupid 'Lol u like sportsball wtf' comment I got from a friend of a friend

Why do so many people act like a person who's fannish about video games (that aren't sports games I guess?) cant possibly also be fannish about sports. Neither are rare and unusual hobbies, the crossover must be fairly large.

Yeah I'll have to look into it, it's probably something to do with that, thank you! Also nice to hear their support is good, I've never had to use it before.

No I've only been using my Mac recently! I do back up to zip though, and have it synced with Dropbox so maybe that's doing something weird.

Srievener has twice deleted all the text in this chapter despite everything being saved and shut down correctly. I've managed to save it because of all these conflict files, which is good, but I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. (Also the anxiety of thinking I'd lost a full chapter is not something I need)

@smutpeddler oooh! My thoughts had been, because he's a snooty arsehole noble, to give him a stereotypical posh English name that makes him sound like a Tory (to go with Trevelyan). I hadn't even thought about Roman names, but I like Octavio. Thank you, it's given me something else to consider!

And then I found this: which is proving to be a lot of fun. 'Ethelbert' is coming up a lot.

I'm looking up names to find a good, pretentious sounding name for a snooty male Trevelyan because my go to snooty male name of Sebastian is already taken in Dragon Age canon. (Both Sebastian and Alistair are commonly mentioned as pretentious names on baby forums) My backup was Charles but the actual historical figure of Charles Trevelyan is hated almost as much as Oliver Cromwell here, so. No.

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@chocochipbiscuit ...brogan was of course supposed to say krogan, thank you autocorrect.

@chocochipbiscuit headbutting brogans is just too satisfying! And I understand that. My 'canon' characters are always more compassionate/paragon types. But it seems I've grown fond of playing as a terrible person. It's an AU in my head so it doesn't count. 😂

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Me: I shall settle into bed and write.

Cat #1: I will lie bodily across you and half the laptop so you can't move one arm at all and repeatedly press a paw with a hint of claws into your cheek when you stop petting me.

Cat #2: I will sit outside your closed bedroom door and wail because you had the audacity to shut me out of the room and I'm getting FOMO. I will get louder and louder until you open the door but when you do I will walk away because I don't actually want to be in your room.

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@chocochipbiscuit up until my last play through I’d have answered paragon all the way, but then I did a full on renegade and had so much fun with it I’m not sure if I can go back. Nothing and nobody was getting in Shepard’s way to stop the Reapers. I feared and loved her. 😂 yourself?

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