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Spoilers for Bird Box 

The Playstation sale has been kind to me: I got Persona 5, Divinity Original Sin II, and the HZD Frozen Wilds DLC for a little over €70 (all paid for by cash given to me for Christmas, thank you family). Considering P5 has consistently remained €70 by itself, I'm very happy.

Hopefully I'll get around to actually playing them all in 2019.

I play a lot of video games. I'm mostly shouting about Dragon Age these days, but I also love Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda and uh, many others. I've purchased Final Fantasy IV so many times I should be embarrassed, but I'm actually a little proud.

I love games with a photo mode. 📸 Thank you for indulging me, devs.

And I also read a lot. I expect this account will be used for yelling about video games and books. is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.