Today at the Dog Park, Kepler played with his bestie Kaiser until he was ready to drop! They're such good friends!

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May is Celiac Awareness Month. I'm not a doctor, but, as someone suffering from the condition, I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Err... yummy, not mummy. My mom never made muffins. Pancakes and waffles, sure, and the occasional banana bread. But muffins are my thing.

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Rhubarb muffins for breakfast! Home made, warm, and mummy!

Yesterday I had my second round of Moderna! Yay! In 2 weeks, I'll be 95% resistant to most strains of COVID19!

Today, however, I feel like dog crap. Side effects are a birch, but still worth it.

And still worlds better than my Typhus vaccine. Kinda giving tetanus a run for its money, though.

Creeping Charlie is an invasive weed that will cheerfully choke everything out of your lawn but the dandelions.

But for a couple weeks in early spring, it's kinda beautiful.

Went to Neal Smith Wildlife preserve to see the bison and...

Another day, another vaccine update.

Arm pain is gone today, as is the lingering malaise. I'm feeling right as rain, and thinking about taking Kepler fire a hike.

So, in short: first round of the Moderna vaccine involved three days of arm pain that was easily mitigated by acetaminophen and a mild feeling of ugh.

Yeah. Not a big deal, really. Get vaccinated!

In today's COVID vaccine update, I want to report continued (but very mild) malaise and OW MY ARM!

Tylenol takes the edge off the pain, reducing it to a perfectly manageable soreness, though.

My wife (who is a front like worker and therefore already vaccinated) tells me that I'm over the hump, though, so totally still worth not being put on a ventilator for a month for sure.

Get vaccinated if you can. The side effects are more annoying than anything else.

Yesterday, as I said, I got the first round of the Moderna vaccine. Outside of some impressive arm soreness, no real issues.

Today is a little different. My arm still hurts, and I feel... you know when you're getting over the flu, but you're not quite back on your feet yet?

I feel like that.

Again, small price to pay. If you haven't, get vaccinated as soon as you can.

Got my first round of Moderna vaccination today. It went well, but dang does my arm hurt.

Anyway, it's a huge relief to get this process started, that's all I know.

So I'm trying out Gnome 40 on Fedora, and I gotta say... it's fine. I mean, the changes are good, I suppose, and the new app list in overview is actually pretty great.

I wish that the customization settings were a bit more robust, and that my favorite extensions had been updated, but that's sorta just the life of a Gnome fan. The annoyances are worth the paradigm, intuitive UX, and just pleasing look.

I guess if I wanted customization, I'd be a KDE fan, but I'm just not.

I had bran flakes for breakfast, and I have to say, getting older isn't so bad. Sure, my knees are slowly dying, I'm diabetic now, and my back has never forgiven me for my military service, but on the bright side, I can truly enjoy cereal that's good for me as long as I add some crasins and pecans.

So today is my wife and my anniversary!

We had Zombie Burger for dinner. It's a burger joint in Des Moines with a bit of a theme, and some of the best burgers ever. If you ever find yourself in Des Moines, you need to try it. They have vegan options, poutine for our Canadian friends, goat-cheese stuffed jalapenos, and the most amazing fried Brussels sprouts.

Seriously. It's amazing.

Also, 5 years and going strong! W00T!

Out hiking with Kepler, I twisted my knee. The following morning, my knee felt okay, so we went hiking again.

Today, two days later, I'm still wearing the knee brace. Because I'm a moron.

Kepler's response?

The simple joy of being exhausted from so much hiking:

I'm watching Avenue 6. Episode 6 includes the following line:

"I don't think this is about that non-combat ready baby."

That is all.

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