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music (long) 

some music that i recommend:
kanye west - all of it, especially my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
kendrick lamar - all of it, especially to pimp a butterfly
taylor swift - red, lover
charli xcx - charli
carly rae jepsen - emotion
drake - take care, if you're reading this it's too late
beyonce - lemonade
dua lipa - future nostalgia
frank ocean - all of it, especially blonde
billie eilish - when we all fall asleep where do we go?
lizzo - cuz i love you
chance the rapper - acid rap

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hi, it's me sharif.
i am a person in real life.
i'm studying computer science at rutgers university - new brunswick.
i like reading and video games and stuff.
talk to me, i'm bored.

appropriate ways to refer to the rough-textured hair that is often associated with black women? "n*ppy" i'm 90% sure is a slur, and "natural" sounds euphemistic

thinking about asterix & obelix, the greatest comic to never gain traction in america. my interest in the roman empire in high school was solely due to their adventures.


my conspiracy theory is that ben shapiro was paid off to promote wap. leftists who would never listen to rap are suddenly interested in this song since it triggers conservatives

adam driver is soooooo good in marriage story it should be a crime. i love scarjo and she did great but driver was something else. the characters are written so interestingly and the actors just elevate the emotion to another level. i had only ever seen him in star wars and he was fine in that, but this is amazing.


cue recycled aphorism about standing out from the crowd

Youtube is about to remove community contributions like closed captions/subtitles:

"Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020."

taylor swift's new album is a vibe. it's a mood. she has the lyrics. she has the production. flawless

harry potter, misogyny 

if hp was written by a straight man, the polyjuice scene in chamber of secrets would have had hermione turn into a sexy catgirl

the more i learn about computers, the funnier hacker scenes in tv shows are

happy july 4 everybody! it's already been 244 years since the last revolution. feels like time for another one. just a thought

grief, cw meta 

i really never understood the point of cw before. i included them as formality but i never really cared about other people's.

but i was watching brooklyn nine-nine and there's an episode where the main character gets a motorcycle. i had to go sit down for a couple minutes after that one.

i don't really expect anyone to cw motorcycles but now i understand the feeling of just randomly encountering something triggering.

harsh music, lynching 

listened to xiu xiu's "girl with a basket of fruit". terrifying, loud, abrasive, everything one would expect from xx. "mary turner, mary turner" was particularly horrifying through its depiction of a lynching in very clear-cut and unambiguous lyrics.

also listened to scott walker's "bish bosch". the world portrayed is devoid of color or beauty. everything has been destroyed. in many ways it reminds me of david bowie's "blackstar", only the death is the death of the world.

depressing music 

been listening to a lot of music about grief.

sufjan stevens' "carrie and lowell" was underwhelming, i suppose i just don't connect to that kind of music.

on the other hand, mount eerie's "a crow looked at me" was a powerfully uncompromising dive into a widower's trauma. the spoken word style added a lot to the effect. i connected to so much of phil elverum's anguish. very much recommend.

hardcore hip hop 

just got around to listening to rtj4. yet another classic from run the jewels, and it came at just the right time. if you don't want to listen to a whole album (although it's pretty short) i would recommend trying out "walking in the snow" to see if you like their style.

started reading akata witch on the recommendation of @imani. it's pretty good but it's absolutely nothing like harry potter, don't read it if you're looking for a non-problematic replacement.

thinking of writing a story set in 1990 but i don't know how teenagers acted then. did anyone grow up around that time and is willing to help me edit dialogue? target birth year is probably 1970 - 1980


went well. got the mayor and police chief to kneel. really feeling the spirit of revolution.

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surprisingly large for my small town. it's incredibly inspiring, there's an air of change around.

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