story of your life mild spoilers, arrival 

@ljwrites the general plot with the heptapods, linguistics, and time-weirdness are retained, but how it deals with those things thematically is much different.

story of your life is more about the philosophical nature of cause, effect, and the universe

arrival deals with more human concepts of language and understanding.

denis villeneuve is a genius at adaptations and arrival stands on its own. technical aspects like directing are done well. 10/10 imo

hills like white elephants 4/5 

really good but a little overrated. entrancing, tense dialogue with great themes, but it's been picked apart so much that it's lost its flavor a bit. i also begrudge hemingway for his novels being extremely boring (except the sun also rises, which slaps)

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story of your life 5/5 

i expected to like this since its movie adaptation "arrival" is really great. it goes in different thematic directions than the movie, which i really appreciate; i want to get different experiences out of an adaptation. i do recommend watching the movie first because there are certain visual elements that i think are more easily understood when shown to you.

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the lottery 2/5 

when this was written it was probably more interesting but if you've ever read the hunger games you know exactly where this is going. and it doesn't offer too much more than the twist. still, it plays coy enough that an unsuspecting reader might be surprised.

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flowers for algernon 5/5 

deserving of its legendary status, i cry everytime. very interesting sci fi concept on top of being mega depressing. i will say that it's far more impactful as a short story than a novella.

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a study in emerald 4/5 

very enjoyable homage to sherlock holmes. very little to spoil but the way it reveals information is so great i don't even want to do that. plenty of sci fi references for the canon literate. not a life-changing story but it's a fun read

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a good man is hard to find 3/5 

i see the appeal but the execution just wasn't amazing for me. i liked the characters and the way that they interacted, but i feel like the themes were muddled between locations. overall though it was a pretty good literary short story.

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the last question 5/5 

incredible concept, a transcendental experience. deserves its high status, very imaginative. if any story were to be considered "the" story, this would be it. ending knocked me out, very much recommend not spoiling yourself.

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short story rec thread 

i read a bunch of short stories in preparation for my latest book club. some of them were pretty good so i'll recommend them, in no particular order

@pagrus i think this is a good example of respectful cultural appropriation.

he makes clears that the elements of music he is using are not his own by labelling himself as muslimgauze and using arab names in his music.

he's also not using the music in a shallow way that mocks muslims; in fact, he advocates for issues regarding muslims (according to his wiki page idk)

i wouldn't call it more appropriative than for example, the aladdin soundtrack, but reasonable minds may differ

@pagrus i enjoy the atmosphere of mullah said but haven't really explored his other works.

i'm pakistani muslim myself, and i found it generally unfaithful to the musical traditions of that area.

that said, it's not really trying to do that, and as an experimental ambient piece it's enjoyable enough.

the bible, ridiculing christianity 

luke 11:37 - basically jesus was going to eat with a pharisee and he didn't wash his hands. the pharisee was surprised, so jesus clapped back that the pharisees didn't wash their inside (like self-purification) so they're hypocrites

and all i'm thinking is that jesus should really just wash his hands like damn

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the bible, ridiculing christianity 

omg in acts 16 there's a slave that can predict the future, and when she sees paul and silas she starts shouting about how they will save everyone. paul gets so annoyed by the free promotion that he tells god to remove her power of fortune telling. then when her owner realizes that her value has been lost he riles up a mob against paul and silas.

i wanna meet the person who thought of this

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the bible, ridiculing christianity 

also paul beats himself up so much, i want to give him a hug

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the bible, ridiculing christianity, death 

doing research for a class on christianity and i'm mad that nobody told me how funny the bible is.

like in the beginning of acts 5 a guy sells some communal property and doesn't donate all of the money to the apostles. peter gets really mad and he roasts the guy so hard that he literally dies. and when his wife also lies about the money, peter also roasts her to death.

tell me the bible wasn't endorsing the communal distribution of property though


@quat baking is actually surprisingly not hard! much less stressful than regular cooking and you can make delicious sweet snacks. i recommend baking some cookies just to try it, you might be surprised 😊

i just want to take a moment to appreciate khan academy. my man sal really changed the online learning atmosphere with his videos, and all for completely free. what a legend

the lion king 

i've never particularly cared for any version of the lion king, but i have faith in barry jenkins. "if beale street could talk" was severely snubbed at the oscars, and "moonlight" is one of the best movies ever. if anyone can make a good disney live-action adaptation, it's him

finally finished valentine by elizabeth wetmore after like five months of procrastination.

not that good, don't really recommend it unless you really love the setting of texas in the 1970s or you're into some female empowerment against a dominant patriarchy, because that's most of what the book has to offer.

writing is somewhat confusing, plot structure suffers due to certain conceits in the style, but there were a few interesting characters to keep engaged.

overall, i give it 2/5 stars.

did some extra googling and found these.

in order: english, american english, british english, fiction

key takeaways:
1940s seems to be a focal point in non-fiction sources, which backs up the theory from @Cassiopeia12727 .

the theory from @MK makes sense from fiction sources.

in general, refrigerator's drop in the modern day seems attributable to the popularity of fridge. still no concrete explanation for the 1940s peak, but shortages seems most likely.

thanks for reading this dumb post.

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