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Quick update for my post: 38, female, Swiss 🇨🇭 , ace-aro :heart_ace: (aegosexual), fandom old. Writer, vidder, giffer. Currently mainly into but also lots of other fandoms (mostly tv).

Came here after seeing posts on fandom-after-tumblr - really enjoying this place, especially because I never did fandom twitter.
I'm shirasade pretty much everywhere else - :dw: :tumblr: :ao3: :pillowfort: also Hubzilla (, previously LJ (deleted).

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Back from the team retreat, which was exhausting (so many people, so little time to myself!) but quite fun, mostly because the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous. Now back home to pack/get ready for my vacation - we're going back to the bach/beach hut in Zeeland/NL we rented last year, which is the most relaxing place I've ever been. I can't wait!

Ooooh, new single, ft. Wyclef Jean, catchy as always! And they're touring with Green Day & Weezer - already checked, closest date is Paris next June. *dances*

The Untamed ep 9 

The Untamed ep 9 

This week I'm only 3 days in the office & it's hell, bc Thur/Fri is our annual team retreat (incredibly stressful for introvert me) & Saturday I'm leaving for 2 weeks vacation. The fact that I knew I had to leave early-ish today (bc it's my last chance to do laundry before my vacation) was both an added stressor and a relief bc now I'm home and can decompress before another nightmare tomorrow.

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MDSZ novel, spoilers, non-con, happiness 

MDSZ novel, non-con 

I didn't just tear up at the goodbye video from - nope, no, wasn't me...
(I'm stalled on watching season 5, because I don't want this to be over. Only two more weeks!)

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A father trying to battle rap his baby son... This is one of the best things I've ever seen on the internet - I seriously laughed until I cried:

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This episode also has two female cultivators actually being allowed to wield their swords - I'd watch the story of Lan Yi and Baoshan Sanren any day!

If you're into history: @samuelpepys is currently in the middle of the Great Fire of London - it's really thrilling!

Back to my rewatch of - but since I keep stopping to write smutty missing scenes, it's taking me forever. ;)
Episode 6 has so far resulted in 2 new chapter:
Right now, though, I'm just basking in the handfasting and meeting of the in-law, I mean ancestor. *g*

My first attempt at sitting all 3 of my brother's kids ended in semi-failure. Had a lovely time with my 2 nephews at first, but my niece woke screaming & I had to recall my sister-in-law. Also, my godson (the eldest) was overexcited & wouldn't sleep. At least we discovered that niecelet will eventually stop screaming & let me hold her, but sil was already on her way back then. Maybe better luck next time...

There is something impossibly endearing about kids singing "Happy birthday" - they don't know a word of English, they just know that's what everyone sings at birthday parties, and they put their whole heart into it. So cute!

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The Queer Types of Mastodon, an Incomplete List 

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