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Quick update for my post: 38, female, Swiss πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ , ace-aro :heart_ace: (aegosexual), fandom old. Writer, vidder, giffer. Currently mainly into but also lots of other fandoms (mostly tv).

Came here after seeing posts on fandom-after-tumblr - really enjoying this place, especially because I never did fandom twitter.
I'm shirasade pretty much everywhere else - :dw: :tumblr: :ao3: :pillowfort: also Hubzilla (, previously LJ (deleted).

Do I need to cut for Little Women spoilers? 

Do I need to cut for Little Women spoilers? 

I might accidentally have turned into a woman who Gets Her Nails Done. Thing is, manicures are incredibly expensive here in Switzerland (as are most things, lbr), but I found a place where you pay half if you go to the apprentice.
So I went before Christmas for shellac nail polish, y'know, and then again before my bday - and last week, I broke 2 nails, so she fixed them yesterday. They look almost real! And I already set a next appointment, so I guess this is a Thing I do now. Weird! :)

Remember what I said yesterday about the annoying Inspector Mallory on Father Brown? As if they heard me, the last episode of the series brings back BOTH previous inspectors - and they're both happy to include and listen to Father Brown. In your face, Mallory! I feel rather vindicated. :D

So I really enjoy the Father Brown mysteries, which always have new series out in early January - they have little to do with G.K. Chesterton's stories, but they're just my type of cozy historical crime show.
However, there's one thing that's been driving me mad ever since Inspector Mallory took over. He's just such an annoying buffoon - it was okay the first couple years, but to see what Father Brown's capable of & continue to sneer and stubbornly obstruct... Ugh, I want to slap him so hard!

Did I mention that the whole water damage thing in my bathroom still isn't fixed? After six weeks. Thanks to my utterly incompetent rental management company only TODAY two handymen came by - to assess only, mind you. Let's see how long it'll take until it actually gets fixed.
I need an completely new ceiling and part of a wall, because of fungus. Fun... and what do you bet I won't even get a rent reduction for these two months?

Am I rewatching the first nu!Who ep with Nine and Rose? Yes. Yes, I am. I just felt the need to see "my" Doctor, it's been a while.

Got some spa vouchers for my bday (my greatest wish), so I'm currently wonderfully relaxed after an afternoon in the saline baths & sauna. Heaven! And I have two more vouchers left, yay!

Knives Out was an utter and complete delight for my Agatha Christie-style murder mystery loving heart. Also, Chris Evans, my favouritest Chris. :)

How do people cope with long finger nails? I'm not even talking artificial ones, just the natural growth when they're strenghtened by shellac nail polish. The nail on my left middle finger is maybe 1/2cm and I've already begun to find it irritating when typing.

Today I post-celebrated my bday with a few friends, just chilling at home, eating plenty of unhealthy snacks and talking. :)
These gatherings have a long tradition - some of my friends only see each other on these occasions and always look forward to them. Now they've all gone, after helping me with clean-up because they're all wonderful. Still, introvert me is done in and is about to fall into bed. Will clean the rest tomorrow.

I just walked by a guy dressed as Elsa on rollerskates, getting money from an ATM. Sometimes life is just wonderfully random.

In light of the fact that Australia is still on fire, I’m snagging an idea from a friend:

Want me to write you something? Any of my fandoms/ships to any prompt. For proof of a USD 5 donation to any charity combating the effects of the fires you get 500 words.

Not sure if anyone will be interested, but I figure I’d put this out there. :)

Today's tv program: finally watching The Witcher. Rather enjoyably pulpy, although it took me a while to figure out the various timelines. And it doesn't take itself seriously at all.

spoilers - liveblog 

spoilers - liveblog 

spoilers - liveblog 

spoilers - liveblog 

spoilers - liveblog 

Sitting down to watch the two new episodes of back to back - looking so very much forward to more 13!!!

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