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Quick update for my post: 38, female, Swiss πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ , ace-aro :heart_ace: (aegosexual), fandom old. Writer, vidder, giffer. Currently mainly into but also lots of other fandoms (mostly tv).

Came here after seeing posts on fandom-after-tumblr - really enjoying this place, especially because I never did fandom twitter.
I'm shirasade pretty much everywhere else - :dw: :tumblr: :ao3: :pillowfort: also Hubzilla (, previously LJ (deleted).

All packed and ready to go... Today I'm taking the train to Paris, where I'll stay the night w/ one of my Shadowhunters gals. Tomorrow we'll travel together to Brussels to a SH con. There'll be 4 of us sharing a room in the hostel & hopefully we'll have time to explore Brussels a bit, since the con's only on Sat/Sun (and it's been 21 years since I've been there).
SH fandom is a hot mess, but I've found a really nice clique - they're absolutely the main reason why I'm going to these two SH cons.

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You know what I've been watching today? Torchwood. Reminds me of Shadowhunters, both being shows with great potential that was all-too-often squandered. And I'd almost forgotten how much I love Ianto Jones. So strange to think that it's been 10 years since Janto took fandom by storm...

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Just watched this:
A pretty nice 101 level documentary about , although it's unfortunate (if not unsurprising) that everyone they interviewed was white.

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In honour of Pride month

Life's been a bit too busy for my taste recently, hence my lack of activity (which includes creating fanworks, unfortunately). I made the mistake of signing up for no less than FIVE cons between Easter and mid-July. And in between I've been sick, right now with a bronchitis, so that's fun. :/

Anyways, in the past weeks I’ve done something I’ve rarely done in my offline life: I’ve come out to people as aro-ace.

Result: no pneumonia, but antibiotics & sick leave this week. Great, work will be thrilled... But hopefully that will fix things!

At the doctor's to show my cough. Waiting to get a chest x-ray, and the doc just walked by and patted my arm, "Aww, you poor thing..." So I reckon I sound great. 😷

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Anyone up for episode 16 of tonight 8pm CET? "Zhao Yunlan uses the 'ending your descendants' kick" :)
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It's Women's Strike here, and the town is buzzing, I'm happy to say. I'm shamefully just passing after getting my hair cut, bc I don't feel up to braving crowds after having to go to work in the morning.

Currently browsing Etsy for a lollipop charm - there's a space on my fandom charm bracelet, which I wear to every con, and I feel that it needs to be filled with a Guardian token. Sadly I haven't been able to find a show-specific one, hence the lollipop... Or does one of you have any ideas/links?
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"In our sex-steeped culture, the idea that deep, devoted love does not have to involve sex is unfathomable."


*mutters resentfully* queerbaiting my arse

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