Random thought that I don't think needs a spoiler cut, since his weird relationship with sex is clear from his first scene:

I'm sure it's too much to ask for Otis to be on his way to realising that he's ace... instead the show will map out his road towards a "healthy" sexuality.😭

Gah, I'd kill for some rep!

@shirasade I mean BoJack Horseman did that, who is to say this show won't as well? Fingers crossed

Ugh, no. Dear media: plz stop pathologizing aro/aspec people, it makes life harder for us for no damn good reason.

@phyrry unfortunately that's still most people's immediate thought: you don't like sex = something must be wrong with you. πŸ˜’ And as long as media pretends like we don't exist, that won't change.

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