@TheWebRecluse aww, thank you! I don't normally do a lot of visual noise and stuff, but it seemed to fit the song (which was the buyer's choice).

@shirasade Oh you create these kind of on demand for people? Based on what they want to see and the music they choose?

@TheWebRecluse It was for the "Fandom Trumps Hate" auction - I offered to create a certain number of fanworks (vids, fic, gif sets) and people could bid on it.

@TheWebRecluse Then they donated to a charity of their choice (like Planned Parenthood or The Trevor Project) and I tried to fill their requests.

@shirasade ohhhhh I see. That's really amazing of you to do. What a great way of using your creativity for good causes. Truly. That's neat.

@TheWebRecluse I'd feel weird asking for money for myself (although I did set up a ko-fi, not that anyone's ever used it *g*), but for charity I'm shameless! :)

@shirasade I thoroughly believe that anyone who is CREATING something using their own skills, talent, imagination etc, has every right to ask for money or donations to help them continue to do, study, create art. Especially in a world that is very much often about crushing people's creative dreams in favor of mindless, tedious, corporate money making. We should be thankful for those in the arts who honor us with their creations. Art only ever makes us better people period. So don't be ashamed.

@TheWebRecluse I guess the idea of fanworks as something inherently not-for-profit is deeply ingrained in me. Although it's strange how I don't think it's weird when fan artists do commissions... I've read interesting meta on the topic, since I don't seem to be the only one struggling a little with this seeming contradiction.

@shirasade I can absolutely understand that struggle and it makes sense ... but I always see it as compensation/appreciation for the individuals work not the subject or materials that the work is based on. Fanworks are still individual creations that someone spent time, energy, and their own imagination on ... so to me it's a separate kind of thing. It's a celebration of the individual's work to me always. 😁

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