How do people cope with full time jobs? 🤔 I had to stay longer, to do an intro session for our new HR/finance person, - it wasn't even the full 8:24 (although close), and I'm so wiped! I still had other stuff to do but decided that it could wait until tomorrow. 😴

@shirasade 😁 I giggle a little ... I once worked full time and was trying to build my own business on the side at the same time. I finally did end up starting my own business which became my entire life and not just an 9-5 it was all the time 😁

@TheWebRecluse Nope. I can't do full time, my mental health won't allow it - I can push through for some time, then I just start getting sick, because my depression brain likes to send me physical symptoms I can't ignore. So I'm working 80% in a low-stress admin job - one afternoon off, and shorter work days the other 4... Believe me, it's not what I imagined when I spent 20 years in school, but it's how I can have a decent quality of life.

@shirasade I ABSOLUTELY hear you there. I retired EARLY because my health failed me ... I actually had a "cardiac event" while working in the Hellmouth (New York City) ... and honestly the thought of dying in a place like that, on the street, surrounded by a--holes doing a job I hated ... well that was pretty much it for me. I started working from home and then eventually retired ...

@TheWebRecluse Wow, yeah, that must have been a rather loud wake-up call... Glad to hear that you managed to switch gears and live a life that's healthier for you!

@shirasade I dunno if it ended up being healthier because my health is terrible LOL but I guess it was probably a better decision than to stay. If I'm being honest ... exhausting relationships with unhealthy people did more to run me into the ground than anything else.

It's good that you're aware of what your needs are as far as working etc. When I started working out of college the mentality was just ... "you work period" ... that was just how it was. There were no "mental health days" etc.

@shirasade There's so many things I wish I'd known or had access to or support for 15-20 years ago. The world was such a different place. The idea of working from home was ABSURDIST back then and having any kind of "need for mental rest" etc was nonsense too. I wish I'd been braver about what I needed for myself in a lot of instances. But it was just different times ...

@TheWebRecluse Well, in a way my body doesn't give me a choice but to pay attention. It literally starts making me sick when I try working too much - my immune system isn't really awesome even now, but when I tried to work 100 or even 90%, I caught *everything* that went around.

@TheWebRecluse And then of course that would end in a depressive episode. So I've learned not to ignore the signals.

@shirasade I hear that. Same for me and my body ... gotta be aware and not ignore what your body is telling you. You do what it wants. What it needs.

@shirasade <3 You know I usually do cope well, even with overtime. But that's in part me being ENFJ. But the downside is that the current office communication style really frustrates me. I hate the undercurrents and disharmony in the team.

@hermine sometimes I envy you that E, I must admit... :) But yes, the atmosphere of an office definitely plays an important part in helping us cope with the daily tedium.

I'd kill for 20 hours to be a full time, living work week.

@vrysius Now that's the dream. But I'd be content with 35 hours, realistically speaking, the way it is in France, for example...

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