RL update

Tomorrow's the surgery. It's at 1pm, which sucks because it means that my last chance to eat a little something is before 6am. Fun!

The pre-op jitters have started to set in - it's not that I think something will go wrong, the small surgery I had last year helped alleviate concerns about full anesthesia, and a hysterectomy is one of the most common procedures. But still, it'll be all out of my control, and I hated waki

@shirasade I am sure everything will go well and I am hoping for your speedy recovery. Do keep me posted on how you're doing ... my own hysterectomy is coming up in a few weeks ... as you know I have my share of jitters as well. I think both of us are gonna be great afterwards though ... 👍

@TheWebRecluse Thank you - and I absolutely will. I'll be stuck at home, I'll probably whine a lot online... :)

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