Just quick update : back in my room after the surgery. Feeling pretty okay, thanks to Morphium. My mom will drop by soon, so that's nice. Also, waking up was much more pleasant this time, for some reason.

@shirasade Thanks so much for the update! Glad to know everything went well! Will you have to stay overnight?

I have to stay until Saturday at the very least, maybe Sunday. But the hospital is nice and I brought books and a harddrive full of stuff! :)

@shirasade My pre-op went well. My dr explained everything. She doesn't seem concerned about my cyst ... she thinks its large because its one of those ones that has teeth and stuff LOL I was like ewww omg ... they say I will have to stay overnight most likely. The hospital I'm going to ... isn't great so I am a little wary. We'll see. Glad you have all kinds of stuff to keep you busy and happy! 😁

Make sure they keep you long enough - my doctor says it's 3 nights for sure.

@shirasade my insurance won't cover more than 12 hours in an actual hospital I think ... so at most I'll be there overnight but not longer.

Ugh, that sucks! But you're not home alone, unlike me, so that makes a diffetence. (Swiss healtcare is insanely expensive, but insurance is mandatory, so at least I don't have to worry about it.)

@shirasade I have plenty of care at home yes that is going to be a great help to me. I hope that everything goes well for me. Even if I had good insurance I wouldn't want to stay in the hospital here ... it's just ... I dunno ... I have always said I'd risk being taken two towns over just to avoid this place if I was ever in an accident. I trust my surgeon but not the hospital staff ... so I want to be out of there fairly quickly.

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