Fun things to do from one's hospital bed: having to chat with Netflix support because some a-hole managed to get into my account (no idea how, the pw was good!) and charge my credit card for the most expensive plan. 😤 They also added their phone number - an Israeli one, making me wonder if it was that "Shira Sade" (apparently an Israeli name) that I've stumbled across a few times. Luckily I saw the notifications before they changed the login information, so it's all canceled. The timing though!

@shirasade I'm so sorry that happened to you! Jeez ... you should be resting not having to deal with net aholes ....

Seriously, it was so annoying, bc these things you have to deal with immediately. Worse, I had to do it on my phone bc I'd put my laptop away until tomorrow. I don't feel comfortable doing complicated stuff on my tiny screen & I type rather slowly.

@shirasade Yeesh. Being a thief is one thing, but to steal from someone bedridden in a hospital... may this person live in a house with a hundred doors and a hundred windows, as the Yiddish curse goes, and may none but Cossacks visit them.

That's a great curse! And you've reminded me that I still have to email Netflix to make sure they remove my credit card, just in case the ahole gets back in somehow...

@shirasade My Ashkie friends taught me some great curses 😂 Can Netflix make a recurring charge without storing your credit card info? Or is there an option to, say, pay for a year and make subsequent payments manually? The latter sounds nice actually, it makes renewal a conscious choice instead of mindless inertia.

@lj_writes Theoretically you can use Paypal, but for some reason that didn't work for me. I think you're supposed to get a reminder when your paid-for time expires.

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