Good morning.... It's barely 6am, but I think my sleep time is over - had to lie mostly unmoving on my back, which isn't natural to me. Now, is it too early to get my laptop out? :)

@shirasade Never too early for distractions from pain. <3 I have a dull seminar coming up that will take most of the day. And it's mandatory. So, uhh, I'm probably incommunicado until tonight.

I'm reading and listening to music. Just got more painkillers, too, so I'll be fine. Wish I could look forward to visitors, but sadly all that wanted to come won't be able to.

And good luck with the seminar!

@shirasade Morning ... 4:30 am here ... just woke up ... (thanks cats). I was thinking about you. How are you doing/feeling?

Doing pretty good, actually. It mostly just twinges when I move, thanks to the painkillers, and they removed the catheter this morning. So far it's all very bearable.

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