So this was released:
Is it weird that I'm most excited about the tiny Clintasha moment? And that Nat's hair is red in it? :) Also, I'm hoping more than ever that Peggy will be involved. And I'm THERE for Carol/Thor. *g*

@shirasade Re: hair FINALLY I hate the blonde thing. With you on Carol/Thor. I'm not a shipper but objectively speaking I can see how that moment is exciting. :D (WHY does the person who cuts the trailer always put in dramatic tension and then add spoilers that totally evaporate the tension? Why do they do that??)

@lindentreeisle I will never understand why the blonde, seriously. And I'm not a comics person, so not a Carol/Thor shipper either, but I liked the chemistry in that scene. (Although admittedly I find it easy to ship Thor with almost anyone. Seriously: Jane, Sif, Loki, Valkyrie... even Steve - as long as Steve still ends up with Bucky. *g*)
When the "funny bit at the end" trend started, it threw me, but by now it's a staple in every damn trailer, so I've come to expect it.

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