Starting into the weekend with Sbux + the first part of this week's He's Coming to Me... The kiss was real, the kiss was real!!! \0/ I love this show so much. *g*

On the way home I either helped an American with a string of bad luck or was taken for a fool (I paid for more than half of her hotel room), but honestly, her story was so convoluted, I can hardly believe it's made up. And if it was, she's really a first-class actress and deserves the 70 chf. :)

I've done that before too, lol. It was like, "This may be a really elaborate lie, but honestly if it is I'm super impressed by your imagination and commitment."

@lindentreeisle Yeah, and since I literally paid for her hotel room, it's not as if I just shoved cash into her hands. I even have a copy of her passport and an email address for her. So that's what I'd call commitment, if it's a fraud. :)

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