Please tell me that my laptop didn't just die on me! It keeps crashing & I'm freaking out. Buying a new (or even a used) Macbook wasn't in my plans, this one was supposed to last another 2 years! *screams*

It booted up again, so I'm now running ALL the scans. If someone more tech-savvy than me has any advice, it'd be more than appreciated!

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Showed it at the Apple dealer (Apple itself won't touch it anymore) - and it's the fan, and possibly RAM. The latter can be fixed easily, but nothing doing with the former. This apparently means no more Photoshop, iMovie etc. - and a new MBP with 1TB SSD (which I have now) costs 3k (which I don't have). Well shit. What do I do now?

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Good news (I hope): I remembered that there's a non-proft specialising in fixing stuff near my office, and today their computer guy's there.
So I decided to get a second opinion from a place that *doesn't* want to sell me anything: And hey presto, apparently fixing it should be simple - and only a few hundred bucks!
Decided to leave my laptop there during my vacation, will take one from work for my trip and keep all my extremities crossed that things will turn out okay after all!

@shirasade A few hundred quid for a fan and a bit of RAM still is a lot of money. But changing the RAM involves soldering. One would assume a company that charges 3 grand for a Computer would have the money for a couple of chip sockets. But this being Apple...

@famaniel I say a few hundred, but honestly I don't know - I gave them a max amount of 500, after which they have to contact me, and he said that should be enough. The RAM change is actually really simple, no soldiering in my old MBP involved (I've done it myself in the past). Even the Apple dealer would have charged less than 100 bucks for it.



Phew! Glad you have another option. I was gonna say, I'm not familiar w apple hardware but replacing a fan on a PC is not expensive or complicated, so I couldn't imagine it just not being POSSIBLE.

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