Checked in at the con, but really, this whole thing is an expensive mistake. I'm staying in Fiumicino (which is a town of nothing but restaurants, no shops), not in the con hotel at the airport & Italian public transport sucks monkeyballs. Maybe if I wasn't alone I wouldn't regret this, but right now I just want to get it over with.

Oh no 😞 I really hope you can enjoy yourself at the con once it starts. I had to do a similar thing last November when I attended Lucca Comics and Games and booked into a BnB that was a 15-minute bus ride away from the con location. Cue multiple instances of missing my stop, trekking round the city looking for a bus stop, and on my last day, discovering there were no buses running until the afternoon 😱 Luckily, a friendly Italian family gave me a lift to the city...!

It's just rather cumbersome going back and forth, local public transport (if you don't want to go to Rome) is abysmal. And it's simply too expensive - I had this sudden desire of getting a photo with Sebastian and didn't think further... But yeah, hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Aw. ☹️. I'm sorry! Maybe you'll feel better about it tomorrow? I always find that traveling sours my mood, so when I get ANYWHERE for vacation I feel like I wish I'd stayed home and the trip is going to suck.

Thank you. We'll see I guess - I will try to get my photo tomorrow, so I have the option of spending Thursday in Rome.

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