Got all my extras and caught a couple of panels (via screen, as access to panel room costs extra). Highlight was obviously the photo with SebStan, but I also fell a little in love with Ricky Whittle, who's a gorgeous goofball. And being one of only a handful of cosplayers I met so many people & never had to wait around alone. Might actually go back for a few hours tomorrow. No more extras though, need to be a responsible adult & remember that I'll have to pay for my laptop repair next week. :)

@shirasade i am in love with your dress!! it's gorgeous!!πŸ’•

also the photo with sebastian is great ✨ i don't know how you did it, i do not function around celebrities lmao

@shirasade yay! Photos are great. I'm glad you still got some fun out of the con!!

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