Last Friday we plunged straight into summer - we skipped the pleasantness of the low/middle 20s and are currently melting at 28-32Β°C. This might not sound like much, but this doesn't bode well for *actual* summer because we're not at all prepared for 30+ temperatures. Switzerland's supposed to be MODERATE, climate-wise, so air-con is pretty much unheard of outside of shopping malls. But sure, climate change isn't real. Plus, I'm getting a cold, which makes this double the fun...


@shirasade Oh no, I'm just getting over a cold myself 😣 It's so weird having a cold in summer, because all the things that are supposed to help (like tea and soup) are so wintery. I hope you feel better soon!

@enchantedsleeper Thank you! I really hope it won't get any worse, because I'm off to another con on Thursday...

Same issue in the UK when it gets hot. London is like the worse place to be as soon as it passes 30C

London would be hell, I can imagine - it's bad enough in my much smaller town...

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