Have accepted the fact that climate change has turned Switzerland in general and my town in particular (being situated in a low-lying river plain) into a place with several heat waves each summer. Thus I now own a standing fan, which is currently blowing a heavenly breeze into my face while I enjoy chocolate cream and raspberries. A++ can recommend.

@shirasade tbh the heatwaves were always present... I can't remember a time when they weren't....

I find the winder problem the bigger problem... when I was little we would have like at least a bit of snow at the end of November... but in the last 5-10 year there was next to no snow down here all winter

You're right about winters, but a lack of snow doesn't affect daily life so much... We used to have 1-2 weeks of 35Β°+ a summer - now it's weeks & weeks, which is especially bad when you work in an office, which most of us do, after all. Our buildings are simply not made for this weather.

@shirasade same... my office is in a building which is probably hundreds of years old in some old town...

also I really miss snow tbh
@shirasade @fence long term drought coming from the lack of snow has significant impacts, like, if we had some snow during the winter here, the grass may not be dead now as it would have more water, and seeing it all drained to yellow is bit depressing

@pony @fence
We're lucky in that Switzerland's has so many rivers that have their source right here in the mountains, so while farmers do feel the impacts of lack of rain/snow, it's not really visible (yet).

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