Can someone explain to me what happened in episode 1 of The Untamed? I'm honestly so confused right now.
In related news: I've gotten myself a Mydramalist account, because I don't want to lose track of which shows I've started.
Right now I'm watching Yes Or No, my first Thai GL movie, and so far it's incredibly cute!

@shirasade I was similarly confused and decided that I should probably read more of Mo Dao Zu Shi before continuing, lol

@demitas Oh, I'm glad it's not just me. Like, he died - and then he was, what? reincarnated into some other man's body? And there's all these factions and magic and demon possession (?)... Yeah, I might have downloaded the translation of the novel.

@shirasade Fortunately having read some of MXTX's other stuff I felt like I was starting to get the faction stuff, but yeah I think reading will help a lot. And if it turns out I don't like the novel, then I can just... not watch more lol

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