Calling all : In August a couple of friends and myself are launching , a prompt challenge akin to Inktober, except for writers of any kind.
The blog is on Tumblr, but we have an AO3 collection, and absolutely everybody's welcome.
(Boosts would be great, btw! *g*)

@shirasade no DW mirror for those of us who actively avoid tumblr?

@vamp I had originally planned to create one, but I'm currently not up to modding anything, and my friends aren't on DW. I'm really sorry, it's bad timing for me!

@vamp @shirasade I could maybe make a DW feed using the Tumblr RSS - will try and let you guys know!

@vamp @shirasade I think I've got it: writersmonth-feed.dreamwidth.o

It's currently empty because DW doesn't back-populate feeds. But hopefully it'll work!

@shirasade @annathecrow right? I'm so pleased, this will do nicely :)

Hopefully it'll do some good, I so need a focus/challenge in terms of writing.

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