Happy to report that today's been markedly better. Let's take this as a sign that this new med is playing nice with my brain chemistry, shall we? Esp. since tomorrow after work I'm off to another con (the last for this year) - more Shadowhunters with the squad!
It's our third year in Milan, and we've taken an airbnb together. Because for us it's almost more about being together, we're actually skipping Friday & going to Verona. Altogether much socialising, for which I need my brain to work!

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Hurrah, I'm so glad your brain is cooperating today!

@phyrry I'm so glad! I just hope this is the start of an upwards trajectory...

Wow, you do a ton of cons! ๐Ÿ˜ Glad you're feeling better!

@lindentreeisle TOO MANY! Seriously, for years I only did the two I volunteer at, then I started going to one Shadowhunters con - but somehow, this year just snowballed into FIVE cons in 3 months. Definitely too many.

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