Well, that was quite a satisfying beginning to the ForthBeam ship. No censorship of that gay! :) And back to your regularly scheduled squee... I'm not getting anything done these days, I'm so hooked on this show!

(Ducklings! There are ducklings! Utterly confused by the relationship between their precious LZ and WY... and my baby bird Wen Ning hanging upside down! )

ep 40 


Oh NOOOO!! Ep 40 is the last one with English subs on the usual channels. Whatever can I do?!

@shirasade I've been keeping a side watching project going while waiting for new Viki subs πŸ˜‚

@shirasade Just another show that I watch when I want to watch something and I have no new eps of The Untamed

@demitas I should use the opportunity and finish Guardian. :)

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