Watching the first ep of Thai series - it seems quite a bit more adult than most shows I've seen, being set in the underworld of gangsters and prostitutes (both male & female). I'm mostly watching because the trailers make it seem as if it might actually solve a love triangle the way I almost always wish for: with polyamory!
Another thing I already like is the lady boy who strikes me more like a trans woman - and she gets to have a boyfriend instead of being the butt of the joke.

@shirasade omg, let me know if it actually involves poly 😍😍

@Laisai Will do - it'll likely be a while, though, since I think they're airing one episode a week. But yeah, it'd be so damn refreshing if they went that way! (It'll definitely be a mmf triad, not a V, there's been clips of all 3 parties touching/kissing, both separately and all together, but the question is whether that'll be the outcome or if it'll fall apart.)

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