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▶ Neo, Miw & Shin | Courtesy Call [BL/Polyamory], by AnotherxLonelyxSoul

I must admit I've only seen the first ep of this show so far - because I'm already way too invested in this thruple and therefore waiting to see how it ends. In any case, this vid is awesome!

:3WillBeFree :Neo/Miw/Shin

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This show really looks amazing! Exciting storyline, a trans woman who's not just comic relief, and actors that aren't afraid to kiss. :)
However, before I watch, I'm waiting for the last episode to air (this weekend) to see if a) they survive and b) they really end with a thruple. I've only seen the first episode, but I'm too invested in all 3 already, I don't want another tired love triangle ending with one person left alone...

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