I just happened across some pictures from Schindler's List, and it struck me that Liam Neeson reminds me of my father (before he grew a beard) & grandfather.
Especially the latter - he was a contemporary of Schindler's, so I've seen him w/ the same type of clothes & hair. Right down to the NSDAP pin on his lapel, since he was the owner of a bookbinding factory & business was better for party members.
Because unlike Schindler, he was no hero. He was German & a capitalist during WWII.


I was so shocked when I found a photo of him wearing that pin. I was never close to him, but to me, Nazis were Evil(TM). I had no idea that they could be "normal" people. That they could be family.
My grandfather didn't kill anyone (he was too old for the military & had a club foot), & I don't think he was particularly antisemitic. But he had the luxury of being able to ignore what was going on. Like most people; making the few who didn't even more remarkable. I wonder what I would have done...

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