The Untamed ep 18 

Oh, the pain of Wei Ying's decision! But this is also the episode where Song Lan reappears - and I only just realised (because they never mention it explicitly on the show, at least not at this point) that Xiao Xingchen giving him his eyes foreshadows Wei Ying giving Jiang Cheng his core.
Wei Ying sure has thought everything through, what with all the rules he imposes on Jiang Cheng. And the way he keeps looking at him... My heart!
Also, how much do I love Wen Qing in this ep?

The Untamed ep 18 

Oh, this is the flashback to the Yungmeng trio as kids! The boys' wigs are pretty horrendous (esp. Jiang Cheng's), but the kids themselves are adorable. And shije remains the best. But oh, this is the last time they're together while Wei Ying still has his core - and before he's thrown into the Burial Mount.

Also, Song Lan wanting Wei Ying to tell Xiao Xingchen something and then deciding not to... I wish we'd seen more of them! The show doesn't even tell us why they separated.

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The Untamed ep 18 

Aah, the Sunshot campaign. Ugh, clan leader Jin, the weasel! But whee for a glimpse of Lan Zhan, I miss him. Of course he's right in front, the rest of the Lan disciples having to run to catch up with him.

It's interesting to see Jiang Cheng struggle up the mountain - he's just like a regular human, getting tired. And Wei Ying just breaks my heart in this entire sequence.

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