Why did I venture into the comments section on a post about Jodie Whittaker's outfit from the new Doctor Who teaser? I was perfectly content not knowing how many people apparently violently dislike the last season. My bad for thinking The Mary Sue readers were different, I guess...
(For the record, I enjoyed it for the most part, and I love the 13th Doctor and her gaggle of companions.)

@shirasade I thought it was perfectly good Doctor Who. I'm not sure I really engage with it the way I did at the time for the rest of Modern Who, but I think my reaction to Chibnall Who is more positive than Davies Who now. It feels like me growing away from the show more than the show growing away from me.

I was really busy last winter and hour-long drama fell out of my life, so I'm only now getting around to the last two thirds of the season.

@shirasade I'm kind of like that with current Star Trek too. I'm generally happy that it exists and it's a lot better than some previous eras, but I haven't seen most of Discovery season 2 because I was busy and then it was a lot to catch up on.

@shirasade I keep coming back to how Community's affectionate parody of Doctor Who had a woman play an incarnation of the Inspector, and the fans universally hate her, but claim it's definitely not because she's a woman, it's just that she's terrible in every way.

@tparadox Yes. Especially when they're women. Because it's not as if our entire culture isn't steeped in misogyny. *eyeroll* (It's like Star Wars and Finn. "I just happen to like *other character* better.")

@tparadox I happen to have enjoyed season 2 of Discovery a lot more than season 1, but yeah, it's definitely one of these shows that can fall by the way side.

@shirasade I liked season one of Discovery a lot and I liked what I saw of Discovery Pike even more (though I'm still hesitant about how deep they go with Spock later on), just haven't gotten around to continuing past the third episode yet.

@tparadox yeah, the Spock thing is... unfortunate. But I thought season 2 had a more Classic Trek feel, which I enjoyed. And I'd pay good money for a spin-off with Pike & co. on the Enterprise!

@tparadox That happens for me all the time, albeit not (yet?) with nuWho. There are several shows that I used to watch regularly and just kind of... stopped, for no particular reason.

@shirasade Ugh. I hate it when a bad comment section sours everything.

I enjoyed the heck out of the last season of Doctor Who and I can't wait for the new episodes πŸ˜„

@enchantedsleeper Apparently for New Year's, so not that much longer to wait!

@shirasade The main complaint I've seen (admittedly I don't go looking, lol) is that she's not "dark" or "complex" enough and it's like...

That's a selling point for me! I love that about her! I fucking loathed the DARKER and EDGIER Moffatt years and think they're a blight on pop culture! Moving away from that is A+++++ extreme do want!

So it's like... IDK. 🀷

@alis yeah, I've seen that, too. I love that she's more optimistic, I missed that! Definitely a feature, not a bug
There also seems to be a lot of complaining about the quality of the episodes, as if it wasn't completely normal for every series to have a mix of excellent, good, okay & rubbish eps.

@shirasade I mean if you're the kind of person that complains about the "quality of eps" maybe DOCTOR WHO is not, like. The show for you, y'know? o_O

(Also IMO the people who complain the most about that sort of stuff are generally the ones who're the first to forget that, uh. DOCTOR WHO is technically a kids'/family show? So there are some places it can't full go. And I kinda liked that the last season tried to go back to some of the original "purpose" of it being historical edutainment?)

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