I've discovered fresh sweet potato & coconut soup at the supermarket, which is shaping up to be my new food obsession. I think I'll buy some ginger, though, to add to it. It's already got some in it, but it definitely could use more of a kick (and that's saying something, since I can't eat spicy food at all). For today I've added some dried ginger and chili, but you can't beat fresh.
I usually latch onto one thing and eat it almost daily for a couple of weeks before switching. Is that weird?

@Brennuvargur Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I literally ate guacamole on bread every evening for over a month last summer. :)

@shirasade the trouble is when you grow bored of something but can't find anything to replace it....

@Brennuvargur In that case I usually eat like a normal person for a bit, mostly bread with cheese or meat and raw veggies, which is the type of dinner I grew up with. (We ate warm for lunch.) Until I find my new obsession or sometimes return to an old one (like potato salad, I had two phases of that last year).

@shirasade mmm potato salad, good idea! My fallback is always rice cakes with cheese lol. But I always have issues because I'm 1) the pickiest eater in the world, 2) allergic to a lot of things, and c) vegetarian. I don't make things easy for myself lol.

@Brennuvargur @shirasade When I was at uni I used to put passata and sliced cheese on top of rice cakes and microwave them for ~20 seconds. Pizza rice cakes! It's a nice snack/light meal if you aren't allergic to tomatoes :D

@shirasade I think everyone goes through food phases like that to some level. 😋

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