I love pre-code movies! It Happened One Night, for example, is one of my all-time favourites, but just now I rewatched Design for Living, which is a delight. It's got a canon polyamorous triad at its centre - its ending would still be considered progressive today.

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@shirasade Wow, I've never heard about this era in film-making before! I'm fascinated and now really sad that it was brought to an end. Can you imagine what films would have been like if it hadn't been? What society could have been like?

@enchantedsleeper It really was a golden era. I mean, movies made under the Hays code restrictions have their own charm with their subtext (think the Astaire/Rogers movies, which I also love to pieces). But yeah, things would certainly be very different if they'd been allowed to progress.

@shirasade ooohhhhh, that sounds intriguing! Do you know if there's somewhere I can watch it online?

@annathecrow It's definitely out there, because I downloaded it as well. Unfortunately I can't remember where - probably a torrent site. If you have trouble tracking it down, I could totally upload it for you. :)

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