Sitting down to watch the two new episodes of back to back - looking so very much forward to more 13!!!

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Hi Stephen Fry! Bye Stephen Fry! This is all rather exciting!

Okay. So that happened. (Jaz getting "erased".) I jumped in my seat! I'm just grateful they show us immediately that she's still around, because anything else would have been unacceptable. But is she a sleeper agent now? (Ever since they said that spy got her DNA rewritten, I remember the Torchwood ep where that happens to a woman and she doesn't know until she's activated.)

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I normally don't mind spoilers but I caught the one about "O" that I wish I hadn't.

Anyway, I am so there for the Doctor's party suit! (But did they really think Barton wasn't running surveillance in his own house?)

But hey, I didn't think the Master would reveal himself at the end of episode 1 already! More proof that Timelords can influence the face they assume. But honestly I miss Missy's playfulness and dual nature, this Master is once again so scene-chewingly evil.

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My ambivalence for the new Master notwithstanding, I enjoy him being vexed.

And whee, please tell me this is a steampunk London!
Okay, maybe just an invention exhibit. Pity.

So. Crazy evil!Master is annoying rather than scary. But oh, I like Ada, who I just realise is Ada Lovelace. Just please tell me she doesn't come by her intellect because of the Kevarden? You simply can't do that to one of the few famous STEM women in history.


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Of course the Master turns up in Nazi garb.

Jeez, Barton erasing his mum? He sure thinks she's dead, but I'm not so sure. No one knows the Kasaven's real agenda.

Whee, Noor Inayat Khan! She was such a fascinating character. Not a superspy but very shy and timid - yet she proved herself extraordinary.

Oh boy, not sure how I feel about this psychic connection between the Doctor & the Master.

So the destruction of Gallifrey is the overarching plot of the series, is it?

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This episode isn't subtle, is it? I know it's a children's show, so they want to keep the message simple, but this is like Black Mirror meets the Matrix.

Nice entrance! A bit Doc ex machina, with the sudden fluency in Kavaden technology, but I do enjoy the Master getting his just desserts.

So hopefully we're getting an explanation why the Master is suddenly back to being mad-evil. But hey, they brought back the timeless child from last series!

Overall a bit of a mixed bag.

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