Did I mention that the whole water damage thing in my bathroom still isn't fixed? After six weeks. Thanks to my utterly incompetent rental management company only TODAY two handymen came by - to assess only, mind you. Let's see how long it'll take until it actually gets fixed.
I need an completely new ceiling and part of a wall, because of fungus. Fun... and what do you bet I won't even get a rent reduction for these two months?

@shirasade Ugh, I'm sorry. >:p

Are there any local legal resources for renters? I obviously don't know what your local law is, but it's possible you might be entitled to a legal remedy of rent reduction if the place doesn't meet the local standards for being fit for habitation.

@lindentreeisle Well, they'll pay for my electricity (because of the dehumidifier), but apparently because it's the bathroom and I was able to continue using it (albeit with the stupid machine in it and half of my stuff outside), any reduction is completely in their hand. At least that's what the very friendly handyman (who used to work as an appraiser for a building insurance company) told me. He said I shouldn't expect more (but also not accept less) than the price of a meal at a restaurant.

@shirasade Ah. πŸ˜‘ Yeah, some places it's considered fit and habitable (and worth your full rent) as long as services like heat and sewage and such aren't interrupted, and you have like, a roof and floor and such. Other places take a broader view of what it means for a place to be "habitable." It all depends.

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