I might accidentally have turned into a woman who Gets Her Nails Done. Thing is, manicures are incredibly expensive here in Switzerland (as are most things, lbr), but I found a place where you pay half if you go to the apprentice.
So I went before Christmas for shellac nail polish, y'know, and then again before my bday - and last week, I broke 2 nails, so she fixed them yesterday. They look almost real! And I already set a next appointment, so I guess this is a Thing I do now. Weird! :)

@shirasade Sounds like a fun thing for you to do! It's good to indulge yourself. ^^

@ToonLink <3 I'll keep an eye on my bank account, but if I can continue to pay half it should be okay. And having nice nails means fewer hangnails because I don't pick at them.

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