Motherforking Good Place finale. Who the hell thought it was okay to make me cry almost from start to finish.

@shirasade yeah I finally caught up with it and what the heck

@MK I just watched all of season 4 in two days - and I gotta say, I'd have preferred the ending of episode 12.


@shirasade there’s no way I would have been content with “well here is a magical door that solves the bored-of-happiness problem, now let’s live happily ever after!” ending for a show that centered around “what happens after the end?”, so even with all the emotions it was definitely worth it for a conclusion that tied up all the loose ends.


Jason staying back, waiting for Janet to return, I got some sweaty eyes.



@MK i was emotionally satisfied with ep 12, even if it left some threads dangling. during ep 13 i cried so often, and not always in a good way. i wish they'd at least made chidi and eleanor go through together, after everything they'd been through.


@shirasade I was expecting them to go through the door together, so I was surprised. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. Eleanor wasn't ready yet. It wouldn't be fair to her if Chidi made her leave earlier than she wanted to, much like it's not fair for Chidi to go through the motions, pretending to be satisfied for eternity.

The way each person left shows how much they have grown.



Jason, in life, was impatient. After, he waited thousands of Bearemies to say good bye the way he wanted to.

Tahani, in life, pretended to be charitable. After, she's spending every day helping everyone discover themselves.

Chidi, in life, indecisive. After, he was able to make the ultimate decision with ease.

Eleanor, in life, was selfish. After, she was only able to leave after she knew everyone she cared about got what they wanted most.



Instead of "They Lived Happily Ever After, The End" it was "They Lived Happily. The End"

And I think that's why I dug the ending so much. Nothing lasts forever, but it never needed to.

Also, sorry for the excessive toots, I just haven't been able to talk about this show with anyone yet.

spoilers, tw: suicide 

@MK I like your take on it, don't worry.
In a way I guess they made Chidi want to go through first so Eleanor would have to let him go. But honestly, after everything she's done, that doesn't sit right with me - she should have been done with tests, she deserved to walk through with the man she loved.
Maybe my main problem is that 'choosing to go' smacks of suicide to me, which I have some issue with. As someone with depression, I never want to accept death as the answer.

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