Being a ridiculous introvert has definite advantages these days - I don't actually mind the lack of personal contact.
I've got some friends with whom I chat more, and I'm watching 2 episodes of Buffy every evening with a friend in Germany. Also, as long as I'm allowed to, I'm walking into work for a couple of hours every day, pick up the mail and stuff. The weather's gorgeous, so those 5k feel really lovely. And I've dusted off my aerobics dvds instead of going to the gym. So far so good...

@shirasade I was talking to my therapist last night and was surprised to realize how little being home has bothered me so far. I actually have a standing policy of getting out and seeing people once per weekend because being home alone for 2 days makes me start to get weird. But last night was the first time I left the house since early Sat. morning and I've been fine. I think part of it is that I'm doing work stuff too, so it's not just these huge unstructured periods of free time.

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